Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sonya Morgan Biography

“I have a taste for luxury, and luxury has a taste for me.”

From Wikipedia:

Sonja Morgan, born November 25, 1963, is the ex-wife of John Morgan, one of five sons of Henry S. Morgan, a great-grandson of J. Pierpont Morgan. Prior to getting married, she was a hostess at a restaurant in New York City. She and Morgan have a daughter together.
Morgan is currently working on a screenplay she describes as “a Candace Bushnell society novel.”  According to the New York Post, Morgan agreed to finance a motion picture in 2006 but backed out at the last minute because she had just been served with divorce papers. In September 2009, a federal jury in California awarded the production company $7.06 million in damages.
According to the New York Daily News, Morgan filed for bankruptcy in November 2010, claiming to be $19.8 million in debt.

From BravoTV:

Sonja Morgan is a fixture of New York City society, running in social circles that include European royalty and couture designers. Sonja studied Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology and in turn represented high-end luxury brands while keeping her Berkshire bred sensibilities and values. Having jet-setted around the world and modeled in Paris and Milan, Sonja worked for multiple restaurants across the US, from New York to L.A., as a consultant and manager. She often brought in famous friends to spice up these locales, making each “the” place to be seen. A single mother of a ten year-old daughter, Sonja loves art, decorating, gardening, skiing and visiting France every chance she gets, be it for her charity work or just for pleasure.  Sonja’s motto remains: “to live each day as if you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

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