Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Greg Bennett (Real Housewives of New Jersey) Biography/Interview

The Dish: Are you a native Jersey boy?

Greg: I grew up in Bridgewater, New Jersey! It's central Jersey though, so it was more Wisteria Lane than leopard print, marble, and onyx.

The Dish: Why did you decide to live in Hoboken with Albie and Chris?

I'd been living in Manhattan since graduating from Fordham. The boys and I would go out in the city together once or twice a week. I was tired of the crazy pace of the city, and the boys were itching to get out on their own. Hoboken is great because I can see the city, but I don't have to smell it, and if I want to smell it, I can take the PATH train in. An additional bonus is that the streets are clean, so Deloris doesn't find an old chicken bone on every one of her walks, like she did in the city.

The Dish: Who's the better dresser: Albie Manzo or Deloris?

They're both great dressers, but Deloris is definitely more of a fashion risk taker. She got a lot of heat for a fuchsia vest she wore a few episodes back, but I personally think she hits it out of the park every time. She's been so busy enjoying her rise to stardom that she hasn't had any time to get a fall wardrobe together.

The Dish: Are you currently seeing someone?

I am taken. The muffin shop is closed.

The Dish: Does Melissa Gorga approve?

Melissa loves my boyfriend, and Joe is obviously jealous of him. All of the ladies have met him, and they all approve. ...

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  1. Greg Bennett is from South Bound Brook, NJ. Is he embarrassed?