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Rich Wakile Occupation

Rich Wakile owns a gas station:

Eagle Rock & Eisenhower Exxon

Eagle Rock Eisenhower Exxon, Rj Petrol Inc
550 Eagle Rock Avenue
Roseland, NJ 07068-1624 map


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Briana Wolfsmith is Pregnant (From The Real Housewives of Orange County)

Vicki Gunvalson's love tank is overflowing!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star, 50, will soon welcome her first-ever grandchild; her recently wed daughter Briana Wolfsmith is expecting, two sources confirm.
"Briana is pregnant and just about four months along," one source tells Us. The father-to-be is Briana's husband, Ryan Culberson, a U.S. soldier who recently fought in Afghanistan. As revealed on recent episodes of the Bravo hit, 24-year-old Briana (a nurse) and Ryan eloped in Las Vegas in October of last year.

Just like the elopement, the pregnancy "was definitely a surprise to Vicki," the source says. "Briana is really happy, and now that Vicki knows, she's really excited too."

Another reason for the excitement? The couple plan to renew their vows in an elaborate wedding ceremony in the next several weeks, a second source tells Us. That should ease the pain for Gunvalson, who was shocked and disappointed when Briana and Ryan announced their quickie wedding. Before her elopement, Briana overcame a scary battle with thyroid cancer last year; after surgery, she is reportedly cancer-free.

Younger sister to Michael, 25, Briana is Vicki's daughter with first husband Michael Wolfsmith. Back in October 2010, Vicki filed for divorce from second husband Donn after 15 years together; she has since found love again with boyfriend Brooks Ayers.
"My love tank is full!" Gunvalson told Us in an interview last month

Ashley Holmes (Real Housewives of New Jersey)

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Jacqueline Laurita is fuming over her daughter Ashley Holmes' budding romance with celebrity publicist and The Spin Crowd star Jonathan Cheban.
Real Housewives of New Jersey's Jacqueline Laurita is fuming over her daughter Ashley Holmes' budding romance with celebrity publicist and The Spin Crowd star Jonathan Cheban, has learned exclusively.

Laurita was an expected guest at Wednesday night's The Spin Crowd finale party in New York City but was a no-show after news of Cheban's relationship with Ashley went public.

"Jacqueline doesn't approve and was a little concerned about her daughter spending time with Jonathan," a source close to the reality tv couple told
"Jacqueline wanted to go to the Spin Crowd's party and didn't want Ashley to attend." exclusively reported that the pair were seen locking lips at the star-studded opening of La Scala Boutique in Harlem just two days earlier.
"They were in the corner making out," the source said of the unlikely couple. "They were all over each other."

Although she was on the guest list, Jacqueline never showed up at the Spin Crowd finale party.
"It caused some tension, but Ashley really wanted to see him and went to the party anyway. She actually avoided the red carpet walk to be less conspicuous and went in a back door.
"When Jonathan was asked about their relationship, he mimicked a zipper across his mouth and smiled."

Kathy Wakile Sister Rosie Pierri

From her Facebook Account:

Love God , Love Yourself and Love Others.. Live and Let live! Follow me on Twitter @RosiePierri and be sure to tune into Bravo TV and catch my big sis Kathy Wakile on Real Housewives of NJ.

Melissa Gorga Stripper

The filming of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" went crazy this week when Bravo ambushed one of the cast members by arranging for the owner of a strip club where she used to work to show up on camera.

"The ladies were taping a fashion show at Posche," an insider tells me. "Teresa [Giudice] didn't want to go because she's completely over the fake Bravo set-ups; however, no one knew what was about to happen. Melissa [Gorga] was nervous that ex-Housewife Danielle Staub was going to show up, but it turned out the surprise guest would be much more damaging.”

These ladies should know by now that if you have a skeleton in your closet and you go on a reality show, sooner or later it's going to come out.

"Bravo's surprise at the fashion show was for Melissa: her ex-boss at Lookers, the strip club she used to work at. No one knew him, no one knew he was coming -- although, of course Bravo had a microphone on him -- and Melissa ran away from him and refused to film with him," a witness at the taping tells me. "The producers made Teresa talk to him to 'hear him out,' so his accusations would be aired on camera, but Teresa stopped him mid-story and told him to not talk about her family and left."
But a Bravo spokesperson strictly denies that producers had any involvement with orchestrating the encounter: "Bravo was not involved in any set up. Ours cameras document the lives of these ladies."

Giudice, who then attempted to comfort Gorga, was shrugged off as a distraught Gorga went straight to Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita for shoulders to lean on.

"Melissa doesn't want her new besties, Caroline and Jacqueline, to know about her past (including who paid for her fake boobs), so she came back to the table and told everyone that Teresa had set her up," a Bravo insider tells me. "Teresa had nothing to do with it, but Jac and Caroline were more than ready to go with it because it makes Teresa look bad. And Bravo will never admit they set it up like they set up Danielle, whose past was also 'accidentally' discovered."

Laurita immediately took to Twitter that night, bashing Giudice, who responded to her with a phone call rather than fighting in such a public way. But the drama didn't stop with Gorga's questionable past.

“Jacqueline’s parting shot after she hung up the phone was to text Teresa a photo of [her husband] Joe and [a] mystery lady at dinner and said she was going to leak it to the press to hurt Teresa,” an insider tells me.
And guess what? The picture turned up yesterday!

"Teresa has all these texts. Isn't it sad and sickening what some people will do?" a friend of Giudice's asks me. "What Jacqueline doesn't know is that Teresa's laughing about it privately, because she knew about it already. Joe had told Teresa he ran into the girl, a family friend, the night when he went out for drinks with his buddies. The girl has a boyfriend, and I'm pretty sure Joe wouldn't carry on a big affair at TGI Fridays in Clifton."

Joe Gorga Gay

Joe Gorga stripped down at a gay bar…with his wife. Joe Gorganzola, a.k.a. Teresa‘s bruddah from The Real Housewives Of New Jersey, went to a gay bar in Manhattan with his wife, cast member Melissa Gorga, who is a “singer” now (her song is called “On Display,” although we’ll always prefer her priceless rendition of “Amazing Grace”). Anyway, they went to a gay bar called Boxers with some of the other cast members, and their peripheral family members (HI, ALBIE!) (RETURN OUR CALL, PLEEZ?), and Joe was unable to keep his top on. Literally. Not a metaphor. Yes, the guy is obviously very into his wife’s vagina (okay, that could be figurative or literal), but he also seems to fancy himself quite the gay bait. You know what they say: dress in drag once, cool; go to a gay bar, off comes the shirt!

Jim Bellino Chin Implant

Jim Bellino’s wife got the bump taken out of her nose recently, but Real Housewives of Orange County cast mate Tamra Barney claims Jim had some work done himself. Did he really have a chin implant?
Tamra saw Jim at a Vegas event on last night’s episode and a string of “Holy Balls” came out. In voice-over she elaborated “When I saw Jim, I was a little bit shocked. He had such a big chin. Jimmy “The Chin” Bellino got a chin implant, I hear. And I have to say, it looks fabulous!” Did he really get a chin implant? We dug up some photos of Jim for comparison. The photo on the right is from 2010, and the one on the right was from 2011, around the time they were filming this season. His chin IS very prominent in the second photo, but he appears to have lost weight, so that might be what’s making it look so different. The shape of the chin looks the same, but who knows, he could have had some work done? There were rumors on the ‘net that he also got neck liposuction.

Eddie Judge Lawyer

Eddie Judge is listed as the CEO/IT of The Judge Law Firm at 19900 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 500 Irvine, California 92612. His phone number is 949.833.8633 extension 224. 

“When Eddie was a teenager he met this man who gave him odd side jobs and he eventually took Eddie in and became his foster dad,” Shalimar disclosed. “That’s when he changed his last name to Judge."

 Various sources have cited a strange gay relationship between Eddie Judge and James Judge, who became his guardian when Eddie was 21. 


Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Barney moved on from her estranged husband Simon Barney and has gone public with boyfriend Eddie Judge.  Eddie is being accused of turning his back on his family in their greatest time of need.
“My daughter is six-years-old and has Prader-Willi Syndrome so she needs therapy and we have a lot of medical bills,” said Eddie’s sister, Shalimar Torres. “When I asked Eddie to help out he said, ‘She’s your daughter so that’s your problem.’”  (Prader-Willi Syndrome makes the child always hungry… here.)
Shalimar says that Eddie, who is 12 years her senior, was born in Mexico and later moved with their mother to California. “After my mom had me she took off and left us,” Shalimar said.

“We grew up with my grandmother but got taken away when she got too old. My grandma now lives off of a fixed income and she has diabetes,” Shalimar said. “For her it’s either food or medication and when we ask him [Eddie] for help he’ll come a few weeks after the fact and buy her some groceries.
“When Eddie was a teenager he met this man who gave him odd side jobs and he eventually took Eddie in and became his foster dad,” Shalimar disclosed. “That’s when he changed his last name to Judge.

“Our younger brother came to live with us until he was 18 and then moved in with Eddie. He didn’t care too much to help him out or be there for him, or just to talk to him since we didn’t have anybody,” Shalimar said. “Eddie was so verbally abusive to him.”
“It’s amazing how he [Eddie] can just turn his back and act as if he never knew us or we’re not blood,” Shalimar said. “But he’s donating and helping out strangers in other countries acting like he’s such a good guy when he’s not.”
                                                                                                  Tamra says that she and Eddie will be married within a year… Tamra said that on March 24, 2011.  Will that happen?  Nah…
How did Tamra and Eddie meet?  
Shalimar says it was originally staged by the production team of Real Housewives of Orange County
“When everyone was having a hard time because of the economy the show wanted to make it look like Tamra was trying to downsize so they met through her realtor,” Shalimar said. “They came and asked if they could use our house to make it look like Tamra was interested in buying it.
“Soon Tamra started coming over to have lunch with Eddie and then they pretty much started dating. When she met my brother she was still married,” Shalimar concluded.
Tamra confirmed that she started dating Eddie in February of this year, just less than two months after her husband filed for divorce.
NOTE:  Why would a single, grown man ‘foster’ an under 21-year-old as Mr. Judge did with Eddie Torres?  Interesting that as of today, I have yet to find a photo of Mr. James Judge, Eddie’s ‘foster’ dad.  Not even on his law firm’s website… here.  Mr. Judge was admitted to the CA State Bar in 1985, which would make his present age around 60-years-old.  As Kelly would say, this would story is ‘weird, just weird.’
Also, keep in mind that Eddie’s sister, Shalimar Torres, either does not speak English or doesn’t speak English well or probably used a translator… that could explain some of the questions re the timeline.


Tamra Barney Engaged

Tamra Barney is set to become a real housewife – again. The “Real Housewives of Orange County” star is engaged to her boyfriend of over two years, Eddie Judge, reports Life & Style. "They're keeping the news under wraps until they have to film the reunion show in a few weeks," a source close to the couple told the magazine. "They are so happy and excited!"
Tying the knot a second time has always been on the outspoken reality star’s mind.

“We’ve talked about marriage and we want to get married,” she told Radar Online last year. “It’s an insane amount of love; I have never used the term ‘soul mate’ before, but we are! “Eddie is one of the best things that’s ever happened in my life; he’s understanding, he’s caring and he just really has a big heart.” Barney, 43, previously said the two would have been married by now, however they decided to take things slow for the sake of her four children from previous relationships.
The Bravo star began dating Judge, 38, shortly after her husband of 11 years, Simon Barney, filed for divorce in Jan. 2010.

Heather Dubrow Real Housewives Age

Random Fact: Heather Dubrow (Heather Paige Kent) was born January 5, 1969.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey S04E02 Poker Face

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Episode 2 Poker Face (S04E02)


Last week, we saw that Jacqueline had finally reached the end of her rope with Ashley. Ashley was supposed to be going to Vegas to live with Jacqueline's brother and wife but supposedly by accident, she missed her flight. Even though Albie basically walked her to the plane, she still couldn't find her way to the terminal on time. Jacqueline seemed happy to see her go, and was annoyed when she had to come back home. She eventually got on a plane after Chris made sure she had no way to get out of it.

Everyone gathered at Jacqueline's house for dinner and it was uncomfortable to say the least. Teresa decided to address the comments in her cookbook (elephant in the room) in front of everyone, and "apologize" if anyone was offended. Melissa shot at her that they would take one for the team so that she could make some extra cash, and Teresa seemed to be confused. She still doesn't get that she hurt people, and I really don't think she cares. She just wants people to forgive her so she doesn't have to have a guilty conscience.

When the men went into the wine seller to play poker, things got physical. Joe Giudice decided to try and grab Rich's testicles and in return, got a black eye. I swear, I have never seen men that are so comfortable they can discuss and joke around each other's private parts. I mean, what straight man tries to grab another man's balls?

Kathy realized that her son received an email with naked pictures from a strange girl. Some may think that Kathy tries to control her children, but I think she is a good mother. She went so far as to respond to the girl and ask her to act more respectably.

Joe and Teresa revealed that they are closing their pizza restaurant. Joe said that since he doesn't have a license, it's hard to get back and forth to the business every day. While he was talking, all I heard was a lazy man complaining about how hard it was to run a business. It reminded me of the times I have heard other men on the show comment that Joe doesn't like to work hard. Apparently his next venture will be opening a home for senior citizens.

Joe has been playing "Mr. Mom" since Teresa is the one who is bringing in the money. Him and Teresa think he' s doing a good job, but Gia seems to think that his parenting skills are less than up to par. She had to take care of Audriana when she scraped her knee, because even though she was bleeding, Joe wasn't concerned. She also had to put the baby to sleep.

We saw some insight into the past when Joe and Melissa didn't have money like they do now. Melissa reflected on a time when she was going to buy diapers and Joe had to tell her they couldn't afford them. I don't know how Teresa thinks she would walk out on her husband, when they have already been through rough financial times, and Melissa stayed. Melissa seemed like she really wanted to let Joe know that despite what Teresa thinks, she appreciates everything he does and has done for her. She revealed her new dedication song "How many times - Dear Joe" to him over a romantic dinner. The song expresses how much she loves him and he seems really moved that she wrote a song for him.


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Episode 3 (S4E3)

The Real Housewives of New Jersey S04E03 Third Eye Blind 


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The Real Housewives of New Jersey S04E03 Third Eye Blind 



This week is all about getting Teresa and Melissa to their respective breaking points. Meanwhile Caroline continues to torture Lauren about her weight, and Joe Giudice makes a mild verbal swipe at Rich to make up for the black eye he got last week.

But the only thing that mattered was Teresa vs. Melissa, so let's stick with that...

The episode opens with Teresa updating Jacqueline on what's been going on, including Teresa's uncomfortable feelings over the In Touch article (which -- remember -- Teresa participated in) and the comments Teresa made to Joe Gorga about Melissa (she only loves him for his money).

The situation escalates when Jacqueline, Melissa, Kathy and their husbands take a boat ride with Teresa and Joe. Rich makes a crack about someone coming to repo the boat (because of Joe Giudice's financial issues). Teresa specifically requests that no one mention jail during the trip. But, as Kathy tells the camera, Teresa is the one taking to magazines about what might happen if Joe goes to jail.

As the ladies chat, Melissa explains to the camera that she likes Jacqueline as a person but Melissa keeps Jacqueline at arm's length because Jacqueline is Teresa's friend.

Jacqueline lets it slip to everyone that Caroline may be going through menopause. Teresa: "Caroline's going through menopause? That explains why she's been such a bitch lately!" While the women are still talking about Caroline (Teresa thinks she's extra sensitive, while Jacqueline allows that Caroline may make things a little more "intensified" than they should be), Joe Giudice brings up getting a black eye from his fight with Rich.

Jacqueline wants to change the subject. Good luck. Rich says either one of them could've had a black eye and Teresa says it should've been him then instead of her husband. Kathy suggests Teresa give Rich a black eye so everything is even. Joe Gorga believes Teresa is extra upset because Joe Giudice has been "brainwashing" her into thinking he's invincible, and now Rich proved that wrong with one little rumble.

Jacqueline invites everyone to a solstice party with her psychic Tia. Before the party, Jacqueline fills Caroline in on what Teresa said about Melissa. At the party, cousin Rosie approaches Teresa about what's been going on, as the ladies watch apprehensively. Rosie gets fed up but tries to let it go. Jacqueline wants to play peacemaker but Teresa forces Jacqueline to tell her whether Melissa has been telling everyone about the conversation Teresa had with Joe Gorga.

Sick of it, Jacqueline tells Melissa to go talk to Teresa. But as soon as Melissa mentions jail, Teresa storms out of the party. Melissa runs back to Jacqueline to whine that Teresa is too sensitive, and Jacqueline again tries to keep the peace by tracking down Teresa. Jacqueline apologizes and says she didn't expect or want Teresa and Melissa's talk to go bad, she just wanted them to work it out. Teresa explains she wasn't comfortable with what Melissa started talking about and needed to leave.

Melissa is still complaining to Caroline and Kathy about Teresa storming out. Melissa doesn't understand the difference between saying Joe "went away" or "went to jail," and Kathy tries to explain that it's an old school "Jersey thing," a point of pride.

Jacqueline cries to Teresa that she feels stuck in the middle. Jacqueline feels like a bad friend if she doesn't tell Teresa everything Melissa said, but also feels like a bad friend if she does tell and causes friction between Melissa and Teresa. Teresa tells the camera that Jacqueline feels stuck in the middle because she puts herself in the middle and references Jacqueline staying friends with Danielle even when Caroline and Dina didn't.

Rosie tells Caroline that she wants to check on Teresa and Jacqueline, but Caroline tells her that's a bad idea. Caroline tells the camera that she feels Jacqueline is going to "feel the burn of Teresa."

Teresa sends Jacqueline to fetch Melissa so that Teresa can explain herself. Jacqueline asks Melissa to go talk to Teresa and avoid bringing up anything about legal issues because it's a "very sensitive subject right now." Caroline's prediction: "This is gonna turn into a battle."

Teresa vows to the camera that she's not going to apologize to Melissa. Melissa tells the camera that if Teresa really wants to do this then Melissa is going to vent about everything that's really bothering her.

Teresa runs through the gamut of excuses for calling Melissa a golddigger: Other people planted the idea in her head (if Melissa's singing career takes off then she'll start going to clubs, meeting other people...), it was only a "what if" to warn her brother, people get divorced all the time so nothing is impossible.

Eventually Teresa seems to get around to the real issue: Joe Gorga was texting Joe Giudice saying that he knew Big Joe was cheating on Teresa. Teresa saw this and wasn't happy, so she flipped the scenario around to say Melissa could be cheating on Little Joe (with no evidence).

Melissa tries to make Teresa understand how crazy this seems. That Teresa shouldn't be so concerned with her brother's marriage, and that Joe Gorga was legitimately upset about the accusations not because he believed Melissa might be cheating but because Teresa is his only sister and she's treating his wife like crap.

Back inside, Kathy and Caroline are lamenting the sad state of Teresa. Every time she seems to make progress, she takes a step back. And Caroline is ready to end the friendship for good.

Outside Melissa is explaining to Teresa that she feels lucky to be with Little Joe and Teresa is responding that Melissa better feel lucky. Melissa adds that Joe is just as lucky to have her because she's a "good wife, excellent mother and everything he's ever wanted." Melissa asks if Teresa wants to wreck their marriage. She claims she doesn't.

They continue to argue in circles about who Joe Gorga should trust: his wife or his sister; who's a better person; who's more materialistic; yadda yadda yadda. Teresa says talking to Melissa is like talking to a brick wall, which is also how it feels to watch this show.

Once Melissa has had enough and walks away, she tells the other women that she feels good, while Teresa complains that the only reason the fight even happened was because of her brother. (Apparently it's all his fault for telling his wife the horrible things his sister was saying about her for no good reason. Teresa sees it as a betrayal of sibling confidence.)

As Teresa drives away, the other women -- especially Caroline -- rally around Melissa and lament that talking to Teresa is like talking to a brick wall. And for once, everyone is right.