Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Real Housewives of New Jersey S04E02 Poker Face

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Episode 2 Poker Face (S04E02)


Last week, we saw that Jacqueline had finally reached the end of her rope with Ashley. Ashley was supposed to be going to Vegas to live with Jacqueline's brother and wife but supposedly by accident, she missed her flight. Even though Albie basically walked her to the plane, she still couldn't find her way to the terminal on time. Jacqueline seemed happy to see her go, and was annoyed when she had to come back home. She eventually got on a plane after Chris made sure she had no way to get out of it.

Everyone gathered at Jacqueline's house for dinner and it was uncomfortable to say the least. Teresa decided to address the comments in her cookbook (elephant in the room) in front of everyone, and "apologize" if anyone was offended. Melissa shot at her that they would take one for the team so that she could make some extra cash, and Teresa seemed to be confused. She still doesn't get that she hurt people, and I really don't think she cares. She just wants people to forgive her so she doesn't have to have a guilty conscience.

When the men went into the wine seller to play poker, things got physical. Joe Giudice decided to try and grab Rich's testicles and in return, got a black eye. I swear, I have never seen men that are so comfortable they can discuss and joke around each other's private parts. I mean, what straight man tries to grab another man's balls?

Kathy realized that her son received an email with naked pictures from a strange girl. Some may think that Kathy tries to control her children, but I think she is a good mother. She went so far as to respond to the girl and ask her to act more respectably.

Joe and Teresa revealed that they are closing their pizza restaurant. Joe said that since he doesn't have a license, it's hard to get back and forth to the business every day. While he was talking, all I heard was a lazy man complaining about how hard it was to run a business. It reminded me of the times I have heard other men on the show comment that Joe doesn't like to work hard. Apparently his next venture will be opening a home for senior citizens.

Joe has been playing "Mr. Mom" since Teresa is the one who is bringing in the money. Him and Teresa think he' s doing a good job, but Gia seems to think that his parenting skills are less than up to par. She had to take care of Audriana when she scraped her knee, because even though she was bleeding, Joe wasn't concerned. She also had to put the baby to sleep.

We saw some insight into the past when Joe and Melissa didn't have money like they do now. Melissa reflected on a time when she was going to buy diapers and Joe had to tell her they couldn't afford them. I don't know how Teresa thinks she would walk out on her husband, when they have already been through rough financial times, and Melissa stayed. Melissa seemed like she really wanted to let Joe know that despite what Teresa thinks, she appreciates everything he does and has done for her. She revealed her new dedication song "How many times - Dear Joe" to him over a romantic dinner. The song expresses how much she loves him and he seems really moved that she wrote a song for him.


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