Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ramona Singer Biography

“I like making my own money, I find that an aphrodisiac.”

Ramona Singer, 54, (DOB:  November 18, 1956) is the owner of RMS Fashions, a company that purchases excess goods from clothing manufacturers and resells them to discount stores. In the apparel industry, Ramona is known as a jobber -  a middleman whom manufacturers sell their surplus fabric to. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Singer began her career as a buyer for Macy’s and then moved into the wholesale clothing business with French Connection and Calvin Klein. She’s developed and markets her own line of jewelry that is sold through the Home Shopping Network (HSN). She also developed and launched a skin care line, TruRenewal, in 2009.
In 2010, Singer appeared on an episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire assisting a contestant, as well as a few episodes of Bethenny Frankel‘s spinoff, Bethenny Getting Married?. Singer lives in Manhattan with her husband Mario and their teenage daughter, Avery.

BravoTV bio:

Ramona Singer is an astute businesswoman and a true aficionado of fashion with a passion for being a wife and mother. Her newest venture is Ramona Pinot Grigio made in the Venoto region of Italy, partnering with a 75 year-old Italian wine company. Ramona can now do “Turtle Time” all the time! Ramona has taken the beauty and accessory industries by storm with her Tru Renewal skincare line, her True Faith jewelry collection, and, this March, her two-year anniversary for Ramona Singer Jewelry on HSN. She also has her Amazon store, Ramona Singer Collections. This year Ramona is struggling with her emotions of her daughter Avery becoming a woman and leaving in a few years for college. Ramona is looking to see what friendships have the ability to deepen to help fill the void when her daughter is gone.

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