Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joe Giudice Cheating

Teresa on betrayal and forgiveness; possibly alluding to Chris cheating on Jacqueline:

“Let me see if I can use an analogy Jacqueline might understand: if you caught your husband flirting with your friend, you would be understandably crushed. Say you worked through it for months though and forgave him. Then you found out he really didn’t just flirt, he slept with her. Two years ago.”

“Does your old forgiveness count? It was two years ago! Why should you care? You said you forgave him! Hypocrite! Um, I say would you care. And that your previous forgiveness doesn’t count because you didn’t know what you were forgiving. You need to work through the new offense that you just found out about. Right?”

Well, Jacqueline is definitely not going to take an accusation that her husband is cheating lightly, so she hit Teresa where it hurt by announcing that Teresa had actually CAUGHT Juicy cheating on her!

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