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Joe Gorga Biography

Joe Gorga is the Husband of Melissa Gorga. He is 37 years old. Melissa started dating Joe in October 2003, moved in with him in December 2003, and married him in August 2004. In RHONJ season 3 episode 6, Joe tells the the story of how they met in Cancun, and he says she was working three jobs at the time.

 Joe claims to have first seen her in a leopard bikini in Cancun (a source said this was during Spring Break, which would have been May 2003 – see below, “Melissa Gorga ‘Settled’ For Joe”) but that he didn’t even speak to her (even though he said to himself ‘that’s my wife). He claims that he randomly ran into her six months later in a club at the Jersey shore (which would have been October 2003). If he said to himself in Cancun, ‘that’s my wife’, why didn’t he approach her then; it doesn’t make sense at all to say that but not try to actually meet her (how did he expect to make her his wife if he didn’t even introduce himself to her… how would he know that he’d ever run into her again… supposedly he didn’t even know who she was, where she was from or what was her name). It seems more likely that he introduced himself to her in Cancun and they hung out but she blew him off because he was “too short and not her type.” And it wasn’t until six months later, back in New Jersey, that she finally gave in to his persistence after seeing “he was a hard working man with money in his pocket, a nice home, and she could easily manipulate him.”

Joe Gorga is a real estate developer and has been the subject of 26 liens and civil court judgments in New Jersey ranging from $20,000 to $762 dating to 2002, court records show. The majority of civil judgments were small-claims matters of less than $15,000. Most recently Gorga is being sued by Starlite Window Manufacturing Co. Inc. of Paterson to the tune of $30,000 for nonpayment of work. The Gorgas are also being sued for $50,000 by a sprinkler company for work on an apartment complex in Paterson. Additionally, according to public records, a civil judgement was made against them for over $12,000 to a company called Slaby Engineering Associates.The following is an excerpt of further finacial issues Joe has:

Melissa Gorga, the sister-in-law of RHONJ cast member Teresa Giudice, owes a Boonton sprinkler company $50,000 for work on an apartment complex in Paterson, according to a lawsuit filed last week in Superior Court in Morris County.
Gorga initially reneged on an agreement to pay nearly $300,000 for the installation of a fire sprinkler and alarm system at a Paterson apartment complex, the complaint said. The complaint accuses Gorga, her husband Guiseppe and their business, Gorga Enterprises Inc. of breach of contract and unjustly enriching themselves by misdeeds, among other things, by failing to pay for work performed by Bravante Automatic Sprinkler Corp.
The Gorgas had a $260,000 contract with Bravante for a fire suppression system at 10-28 Courtland St. in Paterson in January 2008 and another contract for nearly $17,000 the following month for an alarm monitoring system, according to the complaint.
By Aug. 22, 2008, Gorga paid only $44,000 on the fire sprinkler contract and $3,000 on the alarm monitoring contract, the suit said. On that same day, Bravante filed a construction lien against them with the Passaic County Clerk’s Office.
The Gorgas owned up to part of a settlement agreement, the complaint said. They paid $191,000 of the tab by July 1, 2009, but they didn’t pony up $50,000 they agreed to turn over when they received a $1 million bank loan for the project, according to the complaint. By then, Bravante had performed more work totaling $21,909, the complaint said.

Joe owns a 13,500 square foot mansion in Montville, New Jersey.

He also owns a property at:

28 Essex St
Paterson, NJ 07501-3037

Joe and Melissa Gorga


  1. Melissa Gorga attented and graduated college like the Pope is Jewish. She is a gold digger and her husband joe Gorga is Shady and always looking to get something for nothing. He's a con artist and she's into him for his money .. They both deserve each other. Both Gross

    1. "Always looking to get something for nothing"...true!!!! He asked me out when he was 28 in Jan 1992 by asking me if I wanted to go out to breakfast with him to meet him at the truck stop and bring $20 with me!!!! He wanted ME to treat HIM to a breakfast feast!!!! Only a low life would ask a woman out and tell her to bring money!!!

  2. Both are pieces of garbage

  3. Yeah...both are pieces of shit...
    But, i wouldnt mind his bread, and breaking her off.
    Just saying!

  4. Joe Gorga is NOT 37 years old...I knew him from August 1991 until February 1992 when he was driving his own tractor trailer with "Gorga Trucking" on the door, Joe Guiduce drove a different truck but they worked together. If he was born in 1975 that would have made him 16 years old driving tractor trailers from New Jersey to upstate New York, impossible!!! He told me in 1991 that he was 27...that would make him 49 today!!!!