Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gretchen Rossi Biography

Gretchen Rossi grew up in La Crescenta, Pasadena and attended Village Christian High School. She moved to Texas for college to attend Baylor University. After graduating and receiving a degree in Psychology, Rossi made her way back to California where she found her new home in Newport.
"I ended up getting hooked up with the top agent in Newport Beach and worked my ass off 80 hours a week and I ended up doing really well. I loved it and it really brought in my background in my degree in Psychology from college, which seems weird, but it really did. You wear so many different hats in the industry and I really enjoyed it."
Wearing many hats in the lucrative business, Rossi was able to use her Psychology degree to help her advance in the industry. At the of age 33, Housewives star Gretchen Rossi has experienced a divorce, the loss of a loved one and the growth of two businesses along with starring in The Real Housewives of Orange County.  Her late husband Jeff Beitzel (c. 1954 - Sept. 13, 2008) was an engineer and businessman who was involved with real estate agent Gretchen Rossi at the time of his death. Jeff Beitzel's illness was witnessed by many on 'The Real Housewives of the O.C.' in which Gretchen starred. Although she claimed she did not receive millions of dollars from her significantly older husband, she actually did. Jeff's trust was amended a month before his death and Gretchen received 2.5 million dollars, a significant amount of that coming from his life insurance policy. Her current boyfriend, Slade Smiley is a jobless, former title executive who owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to his ex-girlfriend for their son who has cancer. He lives with Gretchen currently and the two are always seen together.
Gretchen and her parents
Gretchen in a bikini
Gretchen and Slade
Gretchen's 16th birthday
Gretchen when she was younger


  1. I don't see what Gretchen sees in Slade. He is a deadbeat dad who won't even pay child support WHEN HIS SON HAS CANCER!

  2. I love Gretchen - I think she is great and so happy that she is friends with Tamara