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Alexis Bellino's Biography

Since I just completed an in depth look at Jim Bellino, it is only fitting that I dig up some information on Alexis next. Love her or hate her, Alexis Bellino has been the source of much gossip on the RHOC but there is only limited information on her past before the show. Here is some information I have found about her.

Alexis Bellino was born in the small town of Hannibal, Missouri. Both Barry and Bellino have do Missouri. Alexis graduated from Hannibal High School in 1995. She then attended University of Missouri where she earned a marketing degree. She married Jeff Barry in June of 2002. The marriage did not last long though, and they divorced in 2003.

A picture from a 2003 issue of Maxim
Alexis as a kid
Alexis and first husband Jeff Barry
Alexis, Jim, and kids
A picture from a 2003 issue of Maxim


“We had been college sweethearts in Missouri,” Jeff, 31, a sales engineer, tells Star. “I never dreamt back then that things between us could turn so ugly.” Reasons cited for their divorce include infidelity, boozy brawls, computer hacking, physical threats and missing money.

Through interviews with ex-husband Jeff and friends of the couple, the following details have been uncovered:

The couple moved to San Diego shortly after their 2002 wedding. “We were young and didn’t have a lot of money.” says Jeff. “Then Alexis…started hanging out with trust fund babies. Having the right pair of expensive jeans became important to her.”

Eventually, Jeff discovered his wife was having an affair with a wealthy father of three she met at the gym.

I gave Alexis endless opportunities to fess up, but she kept denying everything,” says Jeff. “Then she said she needed her space, moved into her own place and asked me to go to therapy with her. But she only went twice, she made no effort at all.”

Jeff pretended to be a friend of Alexis’s and started emailing her under false pretenses. His suspicions were confirmed that Alexis was indeed sleeping with the married wealthy man.

Jeff then sent a mass email out to couple’s friends and family, in which he referred to Alexis as a “gold-digging homewrecker,” and a “$2 whore."

In the divorce filing, Jeff said of Alexis, “She can be an extremely mean, irrational drunk… She once took off her top in front of my best man to make me mad because she was upset that I smoked a cigarette.”

The couple’s divorce was finalized in June 2004. According to Jeff, he hasn’t had any contact with Alexis in four years.

“I’m not surprised she ended up on a show like Real Housewives,” says Jeff, who is now remarried. “She just seems to have even bigger boobs, a nose job and blonder hair now.”

These pieces of information certainly foreshadowed Alexis and Jim's questionable behavior on the RHOOC

 Alexis Bellino currently lives in the Newport Beach Coast area, with her husband, Jim Bellino, a "self-made entrepreneur", and their three young children – 3-year-old James and 20-month-old twins Melania and Mackenna. As I mentioned in my previous post, she has had many issues with foreclosures and short sales of her homes which had depreciated in value since she purchased them. She started a fashion line and is a local news anchor for Fox 5. You can find more information about her various products at her website:

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