Sunday, August 12, 2012

Joe Giudice Jail (Rejects Plea Bargain Offered by Court)

BREAKING: Joe Giudice Rejects Plea Bargain; Going To Trial! Plus PHOTOS From His Day In Court

Joe Giudice‘s day in court has finally come – again. In the latest development in his fraudulent license case, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has elected to REJECT the district attorney’s offer for a plea bargain; opting instead to go to trial!

Tom Murro of Fox News gave Reality Tea an EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes report on what happened during Joe’s court hearing.

Joe showed up sans Teresa [Giudice] at the Passaic County Courthouse, and late for court today for the charge of obtaining a drivers license in his brothers name,” Tom reveals. Late as only a Giudice could be!

Tom spoke to Joe briefly “in the hallway” regarding the case and asked what he planned to do. Joe replied, ” I don’t know, If I wasn’t on TV this would be over already, they dismissed my brothers 1-2-3.”

According to Tom, Joe “ paced around the hall, took a few calls in the stairwell and looked pretty tense (for good reason).” Joe’s lawyer, Miles Feinstein, was also late, which prompted a mild “scolding” from Judge Brown. “The state offered a plea of custodial time (jail) , or go to trail, I overheard him say the state offered 5 yrs,” Tom reports.

Following the court’s plea offering Joe‘s attorney countered by requesting an adjournment until Oct 1st “where he said he would prepare for trial.” WHOA, Juicy! There is NO WAY Teresa is getting fired now – although this would be a very dramatic spinoff if reports are accurate that she is moving in that direction!

Following the Judge’s final words, Joe apologized for being late, offering this excuse: ”I’m sorry I was late this morning your honor, I got lost in the mall.” Apparently Joe wasn’t shopping – he got got lost inside a mall parking lot where he parked near the courthouse.

Tom walked with Joe to his car and wished him luck. 

Our reader, Rick also sent us the scoop from North According to their report the “Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jay McCann said the state has offered Giudice a flat, five-year sentence in state prison.” However Joe‘s lawyer, Miles Feinstein argues “because Giudice has no prior criminal convictions, he should be eligible for probation.”

Mr. McCann has previously announced the state will not settle for a probation only sentence given the severity of Joe‘s situation.

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