Sunday, August 12, 2012

Joe Giudice Affair (Calling Teresa C Word)

Shocking footage has emerged of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast member Teresa Giudice and husband Joe, in which he can be seen hiding from his wife in the bushes and calling her the C-word. Surprisingly, this video wasn’t taken by an undercover tabloid reporter, but rather was shot by the producers of the hit reality show and will air on an upcoming episode.

"They are all in Napa to celebrate Caroline's birthday and enjoying a group dinner when Joe gets up from the table and pretends he has to make a business call," an insider who has seen the tape tells me. "Joe disappears away from the cameras but doesn’t realize that he still has a microphone on when a lady, not his wife, is heard saying 'Hi baby.' After a while, Teresa goes looking for her husband, followed by the show's cameras, and Joe can be clearly heard saying 'Here comes my bitch wife. She’s such a c***."

Insiders say Teresa has been aware that this will air as part of the episode for a few days now. None of the other cast members are yet aware that this bombshell is about to break.

Teresa did not respond to calls for comment.
A spokesperson for Bravo confirmed this will be part of the episode airing Aug. 19.


  1. obviously all set up by the producers to excite and agitate viewers and heat up the storyline,,,get real

  2. What a shock-NOT!